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Chrystian Noble
Junior Chrystian Noble has an open heart and a calm personality. She’s a person who brings wise intellect and a smile wherever she goes. One of her many hobbies is taking a memory with her through the lens of a camera.

“I’ve always really liked taking photos and being able to capture a moment to keep it with you,” Noble said.

She keeps scrapbooks to commemorate all her photos, including ones of trips she’s been on. Noble is eager to stride through her junior year at LHS and is most excited for Photo-J and her involvement with the theatre productions. She’s in Stage Crew and assists with managing and building the sets.

Along with her hobby of snapping photos and building sets, Noble is also an artist for the World’s of Fun Halloween Haunt and helps people look like they’re coming out of a horror movie.

In addition to the intricate types of arts she does, Noble started playing the viola in third grade because she loved to listen to it because of the darker tone the viola had.

Despite her busy schedule, she still makes time for the simple things in life: black coffee and plain strawberry ice cream (not together, though). She picked up the habit of drinking her coffee black from her great grandmother at the age of five. Together, they would dunk their distinctive off-brand oreos into coffee and have a conversation at the family farm.

Another pleasure of Noble’s is reading.

“When you open a book and you start to read, it’s like you’re in a white room. There’s nothing around you and then you pick it up and you start with one word,” Noble said. “Then there’s more and you’re immersed into this whole new world that you haven’t seen before.”

Chrystian Noble, Photo Editor in Chief

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